Are you a one man band working as a professional, as an account, lawyer, architect or coach etc, or in a two person partnership with no other  PAYE employees, than this is the website for you.

Successful solo is the brand and website used by Small business Solutions Limited to promote its activities I supporting, training and energising the owners of small businesses to achieve greater success.

If your current annual sales in the next 12 months will be around £100,000 and you desire to grow these further over the next few years to target above £500k a year, than perhaps we should talk.

Who are we?

Small business solutions limited is a two director company specialising in increasing sales and profitability through coaching, mentoring, business training and development.

In addition to the two directors we have access to twelve fellow specialist authors who contributed to our book, Breaking the Barriers to Business Growth, launched in 2011 and available from amazon or via the right angle consultants website, http://www.right-angle-consultants.co.uk/

In addition to the RAC team we have around 30 other close contacts who, between them, can cover most micro business growth issues.

As well as contributing to Breaking the Barriers to Business Growth, Albert Wright has also written Business Wisdom which is available as a free e-book from this website, simply use the contact us form and ask for your free copy today.

Please visit the main website www.successfulsolo.com

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