May 2015 General Election – It’s already started. 

Who was it that said truth is the first casualty?

Well it’s the same with electioneering.

This time we have a host of parties to choose from but the half truths and misleading facts have already started to tumble into the news papers onto T.V. and social media.

How can potential voters sift the truth from lies?

Many of the lies are connected with statistics, particularly when it comes to showing the growth that the economy has had or has not had.

Some of the tricks involve selective choice of the start and end dates to show the results that the particular party is seeking.

The use of percentages can so mislead and you often have to look hard at the fine print to fully understand what you are being told.

At the moment the debates are centring around the health service, education the economy and immigration.

In the health service it is the inability to be seen by a doctor either at your local GP or hospital that is causing the most debate it is only recently that evidence has emerged that this year’s flu jab has only been effective 3% of cases to prevent flu.

Add to this the 100s of vacancies in the London ambulance service and it is no surprise that we currently have demand out stripping supply.

Oil prices are down and fuel prices are falling. However prices of food stuffs have gone up and down and wage costs are beginning to rise.

It is difficult to see whether we are becoming better off or worse off.

The gap between the mega rich and the poorest in our society continues to widen and part of the debate is starting to focus on taxing wealth of the wealthiest rather than incomes of the highest paid.

Voters should take care when reading or hearing any propaganda from a particular party and be wary of believing headlines.



If any of you have examples of deception please comment below.

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