Government Not Doing Enough for Young People

What’s Wrong


Young people are the future of this country and we are failing them by giving them poor education and not enough jobs.


This Government is too political and doing too much for Pensioners (who are highly likely to vote) and not doing enough for Young People, who are less likely to vote.


Successive Governments for at least the last 15 years have been failing young people at all levels of education from Primary School to University by not preparing them adequately for the world of work and have wasted millions in the process.


Many young people at the age of 16, 18 and even 21, do not seem ready for work.


Many employers don’t want them; one report said 10% of parents, if they had a business, would not even employ their own children.


Government statistics indicate that around 1 million young people aged 16 to 24 are NEETS – Not in Education, Employment or Training. Where they and what are are they doing?


More importantly, what has the education system being doing, what have their parents being doing?


Job vacancies are rising again but employers are rejecting young applicants as not being fit for purpose.


Those aged 16 to 18 living at home are not entitled to state benefits. What do they live on? Are they just being given enough money by their parents to vegetate at home watching TV, DVDs and browsing the Internet?


State funding for 19 to 24 year olds is also hard to get. They are encouraged to undertake training but many Colleges are now rejecting them for Apprenticeship courses as they need to be in a job to do an apprenticeship and the Colleges will not be paid if the College cannot find an employer to host them.


The Government flagship Traineeship programme is poorly funded, badly designed and hardly anyone is doing it.


Unemployment rates amongst graduates of several subjects are rising. Starting salaries by subject differ widely from £12k a year to £24k.


Student debt is rising. The Student Loan Company now expect to recover only 50% of the loans made, with the tax payer picking up the bill, rather than the student borrowers paying the interest on the loans or even the capital in many case.


Hopefully their parents and grandparents will be as cross as I am for failing a generation.



What Needs to be Done?


They must now massively cut funds to Universities and cut University undergraduate places by at least 50% in the next 3 years. The traditional University is dead; long live the Virtual University with local support.


We don’t need young people to go far away from home, sit in big expensive buildings, rent local accommodation when they could stay living at home and get the same quality of teaching using modern technology and blended learning for less than half the cost.


Grandparents, please stop your grand children going to University, even if they have good A levels and if they are already at a poor University and not doing well pull them out.


Don’t waste any more money on fees and don’t let them take out a loan, which could saddle them with massive interest and debt repayments if they do get a good job or cost the taxpayer if they don’t get a job at all.


The real beneficiaries of expanded University places are local landlords of student accommodation and the University staff and Vice Chancellors at the top, some being paid over £400,000 a year by taxpayers.


More reform is needed in FE Colleges to better prepare those aged 16 to 24 for the world of work.


However, even more change is needed in our schools and homes so that young people get the examples, support and help to become better and more useful human beings.


Parents need to encourage their children to get some work experience from the age of 12 onwards and new legislation is needed to allow this to happen without employers breaking the law.


Part time work for a few hours a week can be very valuable for those aged 16 to 20 and is widespread in other countries like USA and in Europe.


Parents need to talk to their children more about the world of work – many young people don’t seem to have a clue how their parents earn money.


Please, let’s have your comments