A Better London not a Bigger London.

For everything there is a Season and for every City there is a size, an optimum size.

For London this ought to be no more than 10 million people within the boundary of the M25.
Any more than this will become increasingly dysfunctional. We have already gone over the top by planning Cross Rail and an extension to a London Airport.

Further extension should only be allowed in the suburbs for the next 10 years and policies put in place to devolve more activity to the Regions to spread economic growth, reduce London house prices and the cost of living in London for its citizens and visitors.

Traffic congestion/Trains and tube over crowding
The Speed of London traffic seems now to be below the 7mph enjoyed when we had a horse and carriage. As for the overcrowding on trains tubes and busses, particularly during periods of high visitor numbers the situation is bordering intolerable.
Do we really want to saddle Londoners with a debt of £1.3 Trillion by 2050 (the equivalent of London Olympics every three months for the next 35 years) to get out of this mess.
House Prices
As more people work from home we should continue the change from office premises to home and office conversions and increase the supply side of the London housing mess.
The plans for 50,000 new homes every year and 600 new schools and colleges need to be cut back – we simply can’t afford it.
The London infrastructure plan 2050 is a plan for a disaster that assumes population will rise to over 11million
The London assembly and the Mayor seem to have gone mad, and created an unaffordable nightmare with no clear indication of who will pick up the bill other than the assumption that 60 billion of investment for infrastructure will be related to the railways.
Bullocks to Boris let’s have a better London not a bigger London and if that means relocating more central government office activity beyond the m25 so be it .