Tax Collection

A recent National Audit Office report looked at the UK tax system and commented on Tax Allowances and other things that reduce the tax take.

In the case of Inheritance Tax, the total amount of allowances (mainly because each individual is exempt from the tax on the first £325k of assets and a couple can claim £650k exemption) exceeded the amount collected.

I wonder if it is worth the bother of collecting.

Of more interest were comments on Corporation Tax. Much is written about the rates payable in different countries and the increasing amount of “corporate Tax Tourism” by some Internationally active businesses to minimise the amount they pay – all quite legal and part of tax avoidance .

Equally of interest were sections on Tax Evasion- the criminal activity to defraud, covering examples of how it was done in relation to VAT scams and the paper creation of non existing debts to reduce the value of an Estate to evade tax due.